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About Michelle

As a mother, wife, business owner and a Republican, I see how our local government impacts our lives in so many ways. My name is Michelle Karcz Nance and it is because of this insight that I am running for the Kentucky State House of Representatives in District 62.

After attending so many school board meetings, speaking out against the mask mandates and questioning the district’s use of federal ESSER funds to no avail, I have learned that if you want change, you must be the change. I want to be that change for you in Frankfort.

I am asking for your vote on May 17 because I want to bring TRUTH, HONESTY and FREEDOM to my fellow residents in Scott County. I’m pushing to restore election integrity, while advocating for responsive, accountable government. I want the people to feel confident that their voices are being heard by their elected officials.

What Michelle Stands For


I am, and have been, an ADVOCATE for TRUTH, TRANSPARENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY from elected officials.



I will HONESTLY ANSWER to the people. I will FIGHT TO RESTORE election integrity. 



I will FIGHT TO PROTECT freedom speech and stop censorship. I will FIGHT TO END Covid vaccine mandates.


Join Michelle

I wouldn’t be here, running for election as your Representative, if it weren’t for my fellow frustrated mothers and fathers. My campaign is mostly self-funded because I will be working FOR YOU, not someone looking to buy my vote. Join me to learn more about what we can do starting May 17.

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